Types of Wine Glasses for Red Wine?

Answer Choosing the proper red wine glass is an important step in serving wine. The shape and size of a wine glass is designed to accommodate different types of wine. Larger glasses allow wines to become ... Read More »

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Dry Red Wine Types?

Red wines come in many different styles, the most obvious differentiation being dry and sweet. The dryness or sweetness of a wine depends on its level of residual sugar. The vast majority of red wi... Read More »

Types of Amber Wine?

Amber wine is made from stalkless black grapes. It is a type of wine that is sweeter and pinker than typical red wine. Amber wine is also called blush or rose wine for its distinctive pink color. I... Read More »

Pinot Wine Types?

There are abundant varieties of wines available throughout the United States with a wide range of flavors, acidity and overall quality. Wines fall into one of three main categories: white, red or b... Read More »

Types of Fermentation That Produce Beer & Wine?

While beer and wine may taste completely different, they are produced by the same fermentation process. Alcoholic fermentation is a surprisingly simple process that converts sugar into alcohol and... Read More »