What are some toppings of Japanese pizza?

Answer Traditional Japanese food features seafood, beans and rice as staples, but the Japanese also love pizza. Not surprisingly, Japanese pizza toppings reflect their diet.IdentificationJapanese pizzas h... Read More »

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What pizza toppings do you like?

1.Cheese2.Pepperoni3.Pineapple4.Bacon5.Chicken6.Sweetcorn7.Onions8.Sausages9.Green pepper10.MushroomsI'm a vegetarian, but I think they'd be lovely!

What are the best toppings on a pizza?

My favorite pizza is the Gourmet White. It has olive oil sauce, minced garlic, provolone, mozzarella, feta, and onions. Dip it in Esperanza...MMM!

Top 5 pizza toppings?

Black olives would be my first 2. More Cheese3. Hamburger meat4. Pepperoni5. canadian bacon

Pizza toppings?

mushrooms green peppers black olives onions and sausage