What are some good power-metal songs?

Answer Angra - Spread Your FireSonata Arctica - MisplacedGalneryus - New Legend

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How to Write Progressive Metal Songs?

Progressive metal is a complicated, technically challenging sub genre of metal. You will need to know quite a bit of theory and have much technical prowess using your chosen instrument. Your improv... Read More »

What heavy metal songs are about sanity?

Second heart beat - avenged sevenfoldThe unnamed feeling- metallicaI ******* hate you ( forgot the band) Unholy confessions- avenged sevenfoldWaking the demon- bullet for my valentine

Favorite songs of the big four thrash metal bands?

Anthrax - MadhouseMetallica - Fade To BlackSlayer - Raining BloodMegadeth - Tornado Of SoulsI figure people think "Oh well EVERYONE would say those.... even non-fans"So here's my answer BESIDES the... Read More »

Black metal/grind metal type lyrics, but NOT black metal/grind metal?

Who cares about lyrics in extreme metal? Weirdo.Try Ghost B.C