What are some tips to discipline the child?

Answer keep them in their room

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Is spanking your child considered discipline or child abuse?

it depends half the time it is discipline but the other half is abuse. if it has a reason its discipline but if whoever is doing it without reason its usually abuse Only suitable for minors?: Peo... Read More »

Can a 21-year-old brother take custody of a child whose father is diseased and lives with a disabled grandmother that has no income in the child's best interests for school behavior and discipline?

Answer If the grandmother has no income, I must wonder by what means she supports herself. If you mean that she is of low income, that should have no real bearing. Many children of poverty-level ... Read More »

Tips for Successful Classroom Discipline?

Every teacher needs a classroom management plan on the first day of school. The first few days of a school term are the most important because they set the tone for the entire year. Be positive, en... Read More »

Tips on Classroom Discipline & Management?

To successfully teach in a classroom setting, the teacher must maintain discipline and manage both time and students. The goal of a good manager and disciplinarian is to guide the students toward s... Read More »