What are some tips on going vegetarian when I eat kind of a lot of meat?

Answer Don't feel bad if you accidentally eat meat or if you give in every once in awhile, because the important thing is to keep trying and eat as little meat as possible.I love fake meat- it's good to h... Read More »

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Going flexi vegetarian - What are some good recipes and snacks which don't consist of meat?

Your parents are extremely misinformed. It is perfectly possible to get adequate iron on a vegetarian diet. Legumes/beans, which are the protein backbone of most plant based diets, are in fact extr... Read More »

When are people going to stop callng themselves vegetarian even though they eat meat?

Totally agree. I really don't see what is so complicated.Animal = meat = vegetarians don't eat itSimple[edit] its those flexitarian, pescetarian, pollotarian, "partial vegetarians" that keep confus... Read More »

What are some vegan/vegetarian recipes that I can add meat to so they will taste better?

Aloo muttor gobi is very popular among the vegetarian Indians I run into all the time and I always share my aloo with them but they never seem to notice that it has pork in it. I get the pork from ... Read More »

Why do some people call themselves vegetarian and eat meat?

Sometimes I wonder if it's just people trying to get some attention. Or maybe they truly do try to avoid meat but sometimes have to give in. I wouldn't exactly know because I've been vegetarian my ... Read More »