What are some tips on getting more vegetables into my diet?

Answer Go to Sainsbury's. Stop off at the veg. section. Stock up. Get out while you are winning. You are winding up the unfortunate vegans and vegetarians something fierce but I gotta hand it to you. You'... Read More »

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Food is getting so expensive, what are some vegetables to grow in a town garden?

You can grow anything that grows in a country garden. The World is your oyster.If you have any allotments nears you, go and ask the holders, they'll be delighted to show you what can be cone. We ... Read More »

My wife wants me to include more vegetables in my diet but the only ones I like & macaroni and french fries?

Ketchup (or catsup) for your fries. If the US government says that ketchup qualifies as a serving of vegetables for our school children that should be good enough for Mrs. B.

What are some tips for getting to sleep with a tummy bug?

You slept through the day, so it's unlikely you will get much sleep tonight,If you can, get up and make a warm drink (no milk) and watch tv or read a book. Keep the lighting dim. Hopefully this wil... Read More »

What are some ways to make bananas taste better for someone who wants more of them in his diet?

The primary nutrients in bananas are protein and potassium. I'm sure you have your favored sources of protein-here are some potassium rich foods:dried fruits-raisins, prunes apricotsfresh fruits-st... Read More »