What are some tips for starting a baby sitting job?

Answer Make lots of flyers make a sign and buisness cards it will help alot hang the flyers up around ur community go take the Red Cross babysitting class. It will be a selling point. I would be very car... Read More »

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What are some tips for quieting a baby? the baby feeling safe and secure by saying things like its alright bubbas.2. if the baby is crying you can also use a favourite toy to make them feel better or rock them in your arms or use ... Read More »

Where can I get insurance for starting a cat sitting business in the UK?

Why not start small without insurance. So if it doesn't work you lose nothing.Insurance isn't obligatory.

What is the age you can start baby sitting?

14 - 20 ! 4-5 Months : Babies can lift their head and shoulders and may even try to sit up, although they have to have support to do so.

What do you put in a baby-sitting flyer?

I would put the hours you work, how much money and your phone #