What are some tips for quieting a baby?

Answer the baby feeling safe and secure by saying things like its alright bubbas.2. if the baby is crying you can also use a favourite toy to make them feel better or rock them in your arms or use ... Read More »

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What are some tips for starting a baby sitting job?

Make lots of flyers make a sign and buisness cards it will help alot hang the flyers up around ur community go take the Red Cross babysitting class. It will be a selling point. I would be very car... Read More »

How to Use Unflavored Gelatin As a Quieting Solution?

Observing a drop of water from a pond, stream or river under a microscope is like watching another world. There is so much happening so fast, and so much to learn. Unfortunately, the microscopic an... Read More »

Why is Simon Powell quieting American idol?

Simon Cowell is quiting American to start the American version of the British singing competition X Factor.

Want to share some baby dust and some news (along with a pic)!!!!!!! :-D?

Congratulations!! I had an early miscarriage in October 2008, and I was SO nervous when we got pregnant again. Everything was fine though, and my baby girl is now a chubby 3 month old. :)Hugs!!