What are some tips for brewing iced tea?

Answer If you cool hot tea too fast (like adding a lot of ice to the hot tea) it makes it cloudy. Just make huge quantities and when you see that you only have a couple of glasses left, then brew up anoth... Read More »

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Tips for Mr. Beer Brewing?

Buying beer from the store comes with a hefty tax rate, which is part of the reason many people are making their own beer at home. Since the ingredients used to brew beer are considered food items,... Read More »

I love coffee! What are some iced or hot coffee drinks?

Try making your own coffee smoothie. Put some ice in the blender to chop it up to very fine chunks, and add your own chilled coffee. Top with whipped cream and a cherry and sprinkles if you want.... Read More »

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What is brewing?

Brewing is just one step, though a critical one, in the process of creating beer. The brewing process stabilizes a substance known as "wort" and prepares it for fermentation.DefinitionThe Merriam-W... Read More »