What are some tips I can use to chew my food at a slow pace?

Answer I have the same problem! That weight loss tip is so effective! Isn't it incredible how it works? My favorite quick weight loss diet (5-4-3-2-1 diet) requires that you wait one minute between bite... Read More »

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How to Slow the Hectic Pace of Your Life?

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Why is research regarding stem cells for spinal disc injury moving at such a slow pace?

Future treatments may indeed include stem cell therapy. Doctors Victor Y. L. Leung, Danny Chan and Kenneth M. C. Cheung have reported in the European Spine Journal that "substantial progress has be... Read More »

How do birds chew food?

Birds have a complicated digestive system and use both their beaks and their stomachs to chew their food.BeakBirds often use their beaks or bills to break apart seeds, insects and other food. Many ... Read More »

How to Chew Food Properly?

Sure, we've all learned to chew at a young age, but most people don't realize the importance of properly chewing food. Chewing food thoroughly has numerous benefits, such as improving digestion and... Read More »