What are some non-common sense things your husband/boyfriend/fiance does with your baby?

Answer wow!!!! you guys can get your men to change a nappy?!?!?!you all should think yourselves lucky! my man likes to be the fun but lazy parent. my daughter is 7mos and has been on solids since 4mos. i ... Read More »

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How to Tell Your Boyfriend You Need Some Space?

Ever had a problem dealing with someone who is just too touchy for your taste, yet you do not know how to tell him to back off a bit? Well, boys could be really touchy-free sometimes, and with the ... Read More »

What are fun things to do during the day in San Diego with your boyfriend?

When we go to San Diego, we head to the beach to surf and body board in Del Mar/ Solara Beach. Those two areas are also open to allow dogs there too. Some other fun places are Sea World, Safari Par... Read More »

Can somebody tell me some things about life working on a railroad?

Its not as bad as some make it out to be, however you ARE in a state of sleep deprivation a good deal of the time.there are Federal minimum rest requirements that recently were enhanced and most of... Read More »

Fun things to do in LA with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

See the walk of fame.( where the most famous actors have left there footprints) Tour the Movie studio'sDrive along the pacific highwayHave fun, stay out of the crime ridden areas though !--