What are some things people put in coffee?

Answer Almost 100% put water in it!.

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What are some GOOD and BAD things about drinking COFFEE?

One benefit of drinking a daily cup of coffee is improved mental performance. Coffee helps improve alertness, attention and wakefulness that can actually improve mental and work performance. Groggy... Read More »

What are some things people can do with an IP address?

It's nothing to be concerned about. When you connect to the internet via an ISP (Internet Service Provider), they issue you a public IP address out of a range that they own. You can think of it l... Read More »

What are some things you would just like people to "get over" in this section?

I am a mother, and I work out of the homeGet over it.I spank my daughter when I feel it is appropriateGet over itI had unprotected sex with a man and got pregnant at 19Get over it.

What are some dumb things people have said or asked about your baby?

I have 3 boys (who I LOVE dearly. Boys are fun) but people constantly ask me "oh are you going to try again for a girl?" or "oh I bet you wish you had a girl" and it's like no actually I love havin... Read More »