What are some things people can do with an IP address?

Answer It's nothing to be concerned about. When you connect to the internet via an ISP (Internet Service Provider), they issue you a public IP address out of a range that they own. You can think of it l... Read More »

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How do I address an envelope to multiple people at the same address?

Married CouplesPrint the names of the couple in the center of the envelope on the first line, using their appropriate titles. For example, print: Mr. and Mrs. Prince Charming. If the wife did not ... Read More »

How do I delete things from my address bar?

Internet ExplorerGo to "Start". Click "Run". Type "regedit" in the blank field. Click "OK". Expand the following folders: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER", "Software", "Microsoft", "Internet Explorer". Click "T... Read More »

Is there anything you can do if you suspect someone is signing your email address up for things?

Just mark it as spam and don't even open them. If you keep marking them as spam eventually all of that junk email will go into your spam folder and you never have to see it. It's a little troubleso... Read More »

What twisted things can someone do with an IP address What is the point of finding someones?

Nothing really damaging. At most you can probably do is ban someone off a website, if you have administrative authority over that website. Most people are protected behind their ISP/Routers/Firew... Read More »