What are some things i can eat while sick?

Answer First, see what you have:… Have you ever thought about it that way?You can fast for one or two days, until you're not nauseous. When you're nauseous, it m... Read More »

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What are some fun things to talk about while texting?

Well, right now i'm making fun of my friend because she can't decide on what to leave as her voice mail message. She says it has to be "perfect..." Ha. You can talk about anything while texting...m... Read More »

What are some things to keep in mind while riding in your car?

Could it be a sign of pregnancy if you eat a lot but some things don't sound good to you and make you feel sick by just thinking of them?

Answer Yes, but it could also be gallbladder, ulcers and any of a bunch of other problems. See a doctor.

What are some typical "girl things" and "boy things"?

Typically, boys in my classroom like to play with Legos, blocks, science things (such as found objects from nature), dolls, pots and pans and play food, bristle blocks, writing and drawing material... Read More »