What are some things i can eat while sick?

Answer First, see what you have:… Have you ever thought about it that way?You can fast for one or two days, until you're not nauseous. When you're nauseous, it m... Read More »

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Could certain smells making you feel sick and things tasting different be signs of pregnancy?

If your 4weeks pregnant would you be feeling sick already and would your nipples start to be tender to the touch of things..nb?

AnswerI have had 2 girls and one on the way for all of them at 4 weeks i couldn't pick my head up off the pillow without wanting to throw up and my chest hurted even with a shirt touching them.

Could it be a sign of pregnancy if you eat a lot but some things don't sound good to you and make you feel sick by just thinking of them?

Answer Yes, but it could also be gallbladder, ulcers and any of a bunch of other problems. See a doctor.

1st time mommies 2 be..are u sick of parents saying these things and parents is it so bad?

don't listen to those people. your life is not is just beginning. having a child is the most wonderful feeling in the world. the money you spend, the sleep you may or may not lose, and... Read More »