What are some things I can do or eat to help me sleep better?

Answer i find fluid much more helpful than food. hydration can make it much easier to fall asleep. personally, i love a hot cup of Sleepytime tea with a lot of milk and just a bit of sugar. also fried ... Read More »

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Natural things that really help you sleep?

In addition to the answer above, tart cherry juice is helpful too :)

What herbal remedies or things that I can do to help me sleep?

Melatonin.( nothing else worked for me..Valerian, Camomille, warm milk, St John's Wort, lavender etc..big 0...too hyper I guess)It is found in any health shop or pharmacies over the counter. And it... Read More »

When its time to sleep, what kinds of things do you keep next to your bed?

I keep my phone, pain killers like ibuprofen, rolaids, and a glass of water.

What types of things are usually affiliated with loss of sleep?

Stress and anxiety can interrupt sleep patterns. Is your head buzzing when you wake up? Switch to decaffenated tea and coffee and cut out fizzy drinks. Don't eat after 8pm. Are you taking any co... Read More »