What are some thing that I can do to speed up my computer?

Answer Here is MANY ways to speed up you're computer:

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Is there such thing as 5G speed for phones?

Possibly it's going to be hard for AT&T or Verizon to make such thing

Are "speed cameras" a good or bad thing?

i think it all depends on where they are put!outside schools,shopping centres,parks,playfields etc they are a good idea, they make people aware of their speed in residential areas. A roads and moto... Read More »

HELP Whats that thing called that allows your friend to control your computer from their computer (We bother?

In general, "remote access software"There is VNC for Mac, for sure (that's available cross-platform on Windows, Mac and Linux).You can give someone control, or just let them watch while you run som... Read More »

The thing youtube artists use to speed up their video?

If you have windows, just use Windows Live Movie Maker! It comes with the computer and is a free download from this website: http://windows-live-movie-maker.soft32.c… . Or here: http://windows-li... Read More »