Can you text or send a text to your self with it not being the correct number it came from Example this girl claims my man send her these text message that I think and he said for sure are un true?

Answer iPhone video has to be converted to one of the following file formats before it can be imported/edited in Windows Movie Maker: .asf, .avi, dvr-ms, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpv2, .wm, ... Read More »

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How to send messages to a phone on a Macbook Is there some kinda of chat to text someone?

There is a way to do this, but depending on who is calling whom, you may have to pay for it. Skype (there is a version for Mac) can make calls and send messages from a computer to a phone.

Text message problem: what might be the reason you could receive a text but not send?

from my experience, the reason why they weren't able to send texts is because they was a liar

How come you can send text but not receive text on your iPhone 3gs?

Guys, what are some automatic turn ons and turn offs?

For turn on's: (because men are primarily visual creatures) Lingerie, sexy sweet nothings, short skirts/shorts, shirts that expose a lot of cleavage- preferably very loose so when you bend over we ... Read More »