What are some tasty foods that 'shouldn't' go together?

Answer Top 10 Tasty Foods That Shouldn't Go Together!10. Hot chocolate with a scoop of potato salad in it.9. Bacon and cole slaw and chocolate bars.8. Pizza with head-cheese and greens.7. Bean soup ... Read More »

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Help I want ot eat it but know I shouldnt!?

You're doing great hunny. Think of something that you want to do when you lose that weight. an outfit you want to wear, a sport you want to play or something like that. something that you want m... Read More »

HELP PLEASE!! i reaally need help i did something i shouldnt have?

I'm gonna assume that it was powered on when you dropped it, in which case, I'm sorry to say, it is probably trash now. Basically, what happened was the water caused power to surge across the circu... Read More »

Need information why you shouldnt eat at kfc!!! helpp? I think it is.I'm not even a hippy, and it bothered me.

You know you shouldnt trust wikipedia right?

You just use it for the basic info not as a source you use the sources on the bottom of the page not the article that is where the bad inforamtion is.