What are some synonyms for headphones?

Answer Consult your doctor, it sounds like you have a nasty ear infection developing.

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What are some synonyms for the word 'decoration'?

What are some good smart phones?

Hey there! I'll explain the Samsung Galaxy S4 to you by comparing it with one of the newest and talked-about devices on the market, the HTC One, to show that its better. I would get the S4 over the... Read More »

Some verizon 3g smart phones?

Probably the Droid X2. thats the last Dual Core smartphone that i can remember that didn't have LTE in it.also, my wife had the Droid Incredible 2 and that was a pretty nice little phone.

Weird question for some smart people?

some pills have a life expectancy of six months to a year ,so they might be on the down side of usefulness