What are some synonyms for headphones?

Answer Consult your doctor, it sounds like you have a nasty ear infection developing.

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What are some synonyms for the word 'decoration'?

Is it normal if you are six weeks pregnant and have been having some sharp sudden pains some low in your abdomen and some up towards your ribs but you have had no blood?

Answer I am also six weeks and have experienced the same thing. It may be what is called "round ligament pain". Here's a page that will explain it..... Read More »

Hey my wave 525 slows down for some time and then becomes back normal what should i do to fix it?

You needed to provide further information as to the size of the memory card you are using with the phone and the number of applications you have installed and where have you installed them, i.e. in... Read More »

Inside a 13 in. tv. is it normal for some components to be hot to the touch ?

i'm not sure...but tell me, why do you have your hands inside your tv?