How to use the logical Not int C++?

Answer int main() { int x = 6; if ( x != 5 ){//do if x is not equal to 5} }

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What is a logical drive?

A logical drive is a storage device system that the operating system sees as a single drive (such as "D:") regardless of the media used. For example, an array of multiple hard drives can be seen by... Read More »

Is it more logical to get a new printer, or fix the one I have?

After 4 years of use the rubber rollers are worn and uneven. At this point, your printer is worth nothing. My advice is to buy a new one.

What does a logical drive do for a Mac computer?

A logical drive is a segmented part of a larger drive that has been split into separate drives for usually organizational purposes. The logical drives are smaller based on the amount of memory they... Read More »

Logical Memorization Techniques?

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