How to Keep Your Hands from Shaking Greatly?

Answer A poorly drawn cartoon of what this looks like.You're in a grocery store. You're picking up some toilet paper, and your hands start shaking, almost flailing, at your sides. You stop your hands, onl... Read More »

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Is it possible to be greatly dilated but then have it shrink down?

AnswerHonestly I have never heard of such as this. When you dialate the baby comes down a little more. It keeps you from closing back up. Now it could very well be that you could close slightly but... Read More »

How to Greatly Improve the Life of a Dog with Arthritis?

You can greatly improve the life of your arthritic dog by following a few steps.

Paper on vegetarianism: i'd greatly appreciate your imput?

Your food does not **** on my food . It stands in one place its entire life shitting where it stands then it is taken , hung up by its legs while watching its own throat being cut and its skin pull... Read More »

Tumblr theme/html help, please It would be greatly appreciated.?

Go to customize and on the big bar thing on the left with all the options keeps scrolling through until you find show post captions. Click the little box so it has a check mark then save changes