I can't believe it! So excited! OMG OMG OMG! (Sorry to be a nut, I'm excited!)?

Answer Oh hunny, I've just started beaming!! :-D That's fantastic news and I'm so happy for you!!!! That's a nice dark BFP too for 13dpo, a great sign of a developing pregnancy. A well deserved BFP :-) No... Read More »

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Is anyone excited about 3-D TV?

I'm not. I'm blind in my right eye. So 3-D is not important to me at all. But even if I was fully sighted, it's early days, yet to be getting excited about 3-D TV. I think 4 pairs of glasses should... Read More »

GOOGLE.....Are you excited?

wow...ehm...yeah..ehm...Don't really care.Yup.Don't really care.Anyways, I use MSN.It's better than Internet Explorer.:P

What car do you drive so excited....?

Are you as excited about the FM2 socket APU's as I am?

Yes! In fact, I found a Toshiba laptop that has an A10-4600M in it. (2.3GHz stock, 3.2GHz turbo) I just so happened to be buying a laptop too, so I got it. Can't wait to see how great the 7660G per... Read More »