What increases anxiety symptoms?

Answer People experience anxiety during stressful or challenging situations. For the six million Americans with generalized anxiety disorder, it is a constant battle to manage symptoms. Anxiety causes bot... Read More »

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What are the symptoms&causes of anxiety?

Anxiety can become so severe that it interferes with daily life. People who suffer from anxiety may find it difficult to stop worrying. Proper diagnosis and treatment of anxiety is key to treating ... Read More »

Canine Anxiety Symptoms?

The Dog Psychology Help website reports that 14 percent to 35 percent of dogs suffer from anxiety. If you are the proud owner of a dog, it's important to recognize the symptoms of canine anxiety so... Read More »

What are some anxiety and depression cures?

Although anxiety and depression share some similar symptoms, these conditions are very different. However, a mixture of medication and cognitive therapy can help treat people who suffer from both c... Read More »

Signs & Symptoms of Fear & Anxiety?

Anxiety and fear are normal responses to stressful or dangerous situations. The persistence of excessive and unwarranted anxiety and fear may indicate the presence of an anxiety disorder. According... Read More »