What are some symbols meaning new beginning?

Answer The Sun : Constantly setting and rising anew, the sun makes every day a new beginning.The Lotus : Growing in murky waters it's beautiful bloom surpasses the mire to spread its lovely petals, strong... Read More »

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What is the meaning of japanese symbols?

There are four types of Japanese symbols: katakana, hiragana, kanji and family crests. Katakana and hiragana symbols have no meaning, but are instead phonetic characters. Family crests denote histo... Read More »

What is the meaning of Aztec symbols?

The Aztec culture grew from an ancient civilization of people living in the central region of Mexico. The Aztecs implemented the use of an intricate system of symbols to represent religious ideals,... Read More »

What is the meaning of symbols in Oriental rugs?

Genuine Oriental rugs are hand knotted and last longer than machine-made rugs; they are made only in the Arabian or Balkan peninsulas, Asia and India. Although Oriental rugs are known for their wid... Read More »

What is the meaning of the symbols on a family crest?

The pictures or symbols used on a coat of arms have very specific meanings. For example, the bull's head means bravery and valor, the boar's head means hospitality and the bear means strength and p... Read More »