What are some symbolic festive foods we eat during Chinese New Year?

Answer here are some that i know of (also used wikipedia)Buddha's delight(traditional Chinese: 羅漢齋; simplified Chinese: 罗汉斋; pinyin: luóhàn zhāi) An elaborate vegetarian dish served by Chin... Read More »

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How to Make Some Fun, Festive Drinks?

Hot chocolate does not have to look bland, or taste the same every time you make it. Dress up the chocolate to fit the occasion. Holidays totally rock! Here's how you make some drinks to go with them!

How can we decorate our houses during Diwali to make it look festive, colourful, and bright?

Most people get new curtains and sofa covers etc. , so that could bring a 'new look' for the new year.Put a beautiful & colourful rangoli in front of your main door. Put out decorative lamps \ diya... Read More »

Why Do the Chinese Put Money in Red Envelopes for the Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year---also known as the Spring Festival---is the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar. Festivities last for 15 days and include many different kinds of celebrating and tradit... Read More »

Exotic Chinese Foods?

Chinese culture, like any culture, has its own culinary specialties that are exotic when brought into a different setting. Chinese culture hosts a variety of unusual food choices, most of them mund... Read More »