What are some suggestions to get my boyfriend to stop smoking ?

Answer hear is my idea next time he tries to kiss you kiss him then jerk back like your about to throw up and say that his breath smells realy bad(oviosly from him smokeing) then next time he tries to tou... Read More »

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I am looking for good suggestions to stop smoking?

keep the patches and try chewing gum when u want to smoke. dont go out for a fag break at work and dont hang around with people that are smoking. set an aim like saving for a new car or a holiday a... Read More »

How to Stop Your Boyfriend from Smoking?

Many people smoke. What if you found out that your boyfriend is smoking and you want him to stop, but you don't have any ideas? Read this article.

How do I help my boyfriend stop smoking and be supportive?

No one can make him quit. He won't until he wants it. If you've truly had an addiction you'd know that.

How do i stop my boyfriend smoking this is from my girlfriend?

I'm a smoker myself. You cannot MAKE somebody stop on a dime. They have to WANT to stop by themselves.