What are some steps to hacking a mainframe?

Answer As much as people like to talk about "hacking the mainframe", mainframes really aren't used all that much any more. Mostly, you see groups of smaller servers and desktops rather than a single giant... Read More »

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WiFi hacking Guys I need some help regarding WiFi modem and its hacking options?

It is not impossible but not easy to do. If you connect to the wifi network without ecryption. Meaning you do not have to input a password to connect to wifi then any thing you send out wirelessl... Read More »

Some keeps hacking my account and i don't know what to do about it?

Maybe it's someone from your family?You should get a new email or change the information for the forget ID part. And only keep the info on your com and also put a password on your com. And make sur... Read More »

What vicarious pleasure do some people get from hacking another's password, sending obnoxious links/messages?

Some one has tapped your computer directly. Do you use dial up, phone DSL/ADSL, cable modem or radio transmission? A computer virus can do what you have described. run anti-virus program. If your I... Read More »

Hacking What is... Hacking?

You mean cracker, others have answered, but I'll define the attacks you mentioned.SQL is a database tool, think big table for computer to look things up in, like usernames and passwords. SQL inject... Read More »