What are some steps to hacking a mainframe?

Answer As much as people like to talk about "hacking the mainframe", mainframes really aren't used all that much any more. Mostly, you see groups of smaller servers and desktops rather than a single giant... Read More »

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WiFi hacking Guys I need some help regarding WiFi modem and its hacking options?

It is not impossible but not easy to do. If you connect to the wifi network without ecryption. Meaning you do not have to input a password to connect to wifi then any thing you send out wirelessl... Read More »

What Is a Mainframe Computer?

Technology advances since the introduction of the mainframe computer in the mid-20th century have blurred the distinctions between mainframes and large servers, but there are still distinctions tha... Read More »

How to Run an Emulated Mainframe?

Ever wondered how big iron works? You don't need a real mainframe to find out. This guide explains how to run an emulated mainframe on your PC.

What Types of Companies Use Mainframe Computers?

Mainframes are large computers designed to handle great volumes of complex data and process bulk information at very high speeds. They have the ability to run multiple operating systems, hold hundr... Read More »