Spice Girls?

Answer Not my cup of tea, but I think a few people will to reminisce. Like with all the reformed bands on tour. Nice way to make more dosh.

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How to Dress Like the Spice Girls for Halloween?

The Spice Girls are the most successful girl group of all time. Each member has a distinct and iconic look. In the 1990s, the British girl band celebrated international hit after hit. Baby, Ginger,... Read More »

Did the Spice Girls changed the world in some way?

Should i storm the stage at the Spice Girls gig and force feed posh cream cakes?

Guitar songs for girls?

Just the way you are -Bruno mars ! even though it's not your type,but you asked what to sing FOR a girl,so..mmm enrique- Love to see you cry/Escape (too sexy !)Hey there delilah -Plain white T'sAi... Read More »