What are some special needs you can donate to?

Answer One thing you can do to not have the baby, even if it is immoral is to have an abortion.

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What are some special needs for children with hemophilia?

No, almost all males with Down Syndrome are unable to have children. There have only been three recorded cases of Down Syndrome fathers

What are some social skills of special needs children?

In the u.k the word "retarded" would be seen as quite offensive. We use terms such as "mental impairment/having a learning difficulty/cognitive disability". However, through different research, in ... Read More »

What are some of the advantages of labeling a child with special needs?

In today's society, labeling often provides for status. To be affected by a socially acceptable malady one gains better recognition and peer group social standing.Sick Of PC

What causes people to have special needs and why does people call that stuff special needs any ways?