What are some songs that relate to neglect?

Answer whiskey lullaby by brad paisley

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What songs are there that contain some barre and some open chords (acoustic)?

"Hey There Delilah" Has open & barre chords. It has a D & an F# minor in the verse mostly. And a B minor too. You don't even have to pick it. Some people I know strum it.

What are some NEW songs that you recommend?

1. Sunshine by Jesse McCartney. (Only found on Youtube)2. Spotlight by Mute Math.3. Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron and Wine.Hope I helped. x

What are some motivational songs that lift you up?

1.) Hero by Mariah Carey2.) Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson3.) This Is My Dream by Kashy Keegan

What are some songs that are about disabilities?

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