What are some songs that are about disabilities?

Answer It returns because the shape of it and if you throw it corretly and it will return

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What are some songs about liking/ loving someone that you could never have?

R&P: Can you name any songs that lost some meaning when you found out what they were really about?

Hey MJ :) Well, i think it'd be Tier by Rammstein…i found out Tier meant Animal, so i thought it was a song about a cruel person! lol an animal. Later i fo... Read More »

What are some topics to write some songs about?

Peace.Caring for your kids.the ups and downs of your relationship with your significant other.Names you would want to name your kids.Peace.

What are some songs about living in a fantasy/false life about love?

My favorites are:Anita Baker "Fairy Tales""Fairytale" - Sara Bareilles Lavigne - My Happy Ending