What are some some of the reasons that a child's spine could be to short?

Answer Mead Johnson doesn't seem to carry it, nor does the Milupa webpage. With so many newer and supposedly better tasting products out there, why would anyone want to give their PKU infant a formula tha... Read More »

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My husband is going to some hospital to get some scan of his eyes done that could make him blind?

mri= magnetic resonate imaging, uses super magnetic fields to do its work. those fields will "move" any ferrous material in the body. so a flake of iron in the eye could destroy the eyeball or nerv... Read More »

What are some cute/short quotes I could put up on my wall?

i love this YOYO- you're only young onceor smile cz life is shortorlove ma life

What are the reasons that some people can't get to sleep?

It could be the diet, if you're taking any supplements you may want to check the ingredients. A lot of times diet supplements will have excessive amounts of B12, caffeine or other synthetic drugs ... Read More »

What were some reasons that soldiers enlisted in to the army?