What are some smiley faces you can make on facebook chat?

Answer Check this site, it has some;…

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What r all the smiley faces on facebook chat?

Happy :)Really happy :DWink ;)Happy eyes ^_^Laughing eyes >:oCat smile :3Grumpy >:-(Sad :(Crying :'(Shocked :oGlasses 8)Cool shades 8-|Tongue :pWoot?! O.oDork -_-Duhhh :/Devil 3:)Angel O:)Kiss :*Lo... Read More »

How to Make Different Smiley Faces on Gmail Chat?

Smiley faces, also known as emoticons, are used regularly in text messaging, email and instant messaging, such as the chat function in Gmail. Placing a smiley face in an instant message over Gmail ... Read More »

How do you make a blushing smiley face on facebook chat?

There's a really cool group on Facebook that shows you all the emotes you can do. (The link is in the source)Anyway, you can't really do a blush emote. Here is a list of what you can do: (NOTE: the... Read More »

How to Make Funny Faces on Facebook Chat?

Facebook status updates and posts keep you connected with all of your friends near and far at the same time. Facebook chat is a feature allowing you to talk in real-time to people on your friends l... Read More »