What are some small things that float?

Answer I think Amber is on the same line as me. Get out a water table, have some items for the children to actually touch and manipulate and let them do the experimenting. You could facilitate for the "... Read More »

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What are some things designed to be small and lightweight?

The newer bluetooth transceivers that fit in your ear, for one. Cell phones that have replaced the cordless ones, for another. RFID chips etc.

What are the objects or things that are considered small and big?

What I usually do is show my students the same kind of object in the two different sizes, ie a big car and a small car. These would be easily found in toy departments.

A poll: what are some things that might smell like urine that shouldn't?

There is a certain ornamental plant...a bush...I know right? An actual plant, that smells very amonia-y...Like cat spray. It's gross but very pretty. It's disconcerting that it is in the parking lo... Read More »

What Are Some Things That Nurses Do on the Job?

Nurses have many different jobs. Nurses are the ones who have the most contact with the patients. They are responsible for dispensing medication and carrying out doctors' orders. They are the teach... Read More »