What are some small things that float?

Answer I think Amber is on the same line as me. Get out a water table, have some items for the children to actually touch and manipulate and let them do the experimenting. You could facilitate for the "... Read More »

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Does salt water help things float?

Compared to fresh water, salt water helps things float more easily. Salt water is denser due to the salt content, which helps the water support objects. For an object to float in salt water, it mus... Read More »

How to Make Things Float With Magnets?

Magnets are objects with a strong magnetic field. Magnetic fields are caused either by charged particles or by magnetic forces found in some objects. Magnets have two poles, north and south. Lik... Read More »

Why does salt water make things float?

Water is an excellent solvent, which means it can dissolve and retain things. Ocean water is salty because of the amounts of salts and other materials the water has dissolved. Because salt changes ... Read More »

Science Project: Why Salt Makes Things Float?

Choosing a topic for a science fair project can often be difficult. A science project that is both easy and inexpensive asks students to explore why salt makes things float. A simple experiment uti... Read More »