Anybody know some good slang terms for "drunk"?

Answer sloshedsmashedfaced****facedpissedhammeredplasteredfalling downvery happymessed up****** upmelted86ed3 sheets to the windbeltedbentbetty boopedblitzedbombedinebriatedkerschnickeredout of one's gour... Read More »

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What are Swiss German slang terms and expressions for "tough guy"?

What was the original-pre-nasa slang meaning of white room?

In popular slang, and this usage is implied in the CREAM song- It means the Morgue. By extension could extend to a funeral parlor or mortuary chapel but usually a room for the dead out of the publi... Read More »

Why do some white people want to be tan?

Hi from France ♫We like to be tanned because that it's more beautiful ... !o! Did you know that Michael J. wanted to be white ? Have a nice day,Cat.

Why are some people called white russians?

"White Russian" can refer to one of two groups. They can either be people from Belarus, a country in Eastern Europe, or Russians who had tsarist sympathies during the Russian Revolution.EtymologyIn... Read More »