Anybody know some good slang terms for "drunk"?

Answer sloshedsmashedfaced****facedpissedhammeredplasteredfalling downvery happymessed up****** upmelted86ed3 sheets to the windbeltedbentbetty boopedblitzedbombedinebriatedkerschnickeredout of one's gour... Read More »

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What are Swiss German slang terms and expressions for "tough guy"?

What was the original-pre-nasa slang meaning of white room?

In popular slang, and this usage is implied in the CREAM song- It means the Morgue. By extension could extend to a funeral parlor or mortuary chapel but usually a room for the dead out of the publi... Read More »

Does It Surprise You How Quick People Are To Throw Terms Like...?

Too be perfectly honest, no.As bad as it is, the world has descended to such a level where generalizations, stereotypes and defamation.If someone is seen to have rapidly changing moods, a stupid pe... Read More »

Why do White people seem to always put soy sauce on white rice?

because we never have any idea to do with food that is not deep fried of artiry clogging