What are some simple things to cook for dinner?

Answer This is so easy and they will love it...Preheat oven to 375 degrees..Get some boneless chicken breasts..coat with olive oil..season with basic seasoning on hand like salt, garlic powder, onion powd... Read More »

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What are some things to cook at a barbecue?

vegans on the spit are tastey but not much meatanything pork.......well anyway potato pasta macaroni saladsthree bean salad, coleslaw, and corn salsa with black beadsdeviled eggs with smok turkey o... Read More »

What are some of your favorite things to cook?

I like preparing almost any recipe that can be prepared ahead of time, preferably the day before serving. This works especially well when having guests as it leaves time for preparing sides or ju... Read More »

When cooking dinner for your family and they all wanted different things would u cook what they want ?

they get what I'm cooking or they do themselves a bowl of cereal.I have been known to give in and make beans on toast for the pickiest child IF I'm in a good mood ;)

Need some dinner recipes for my son...but hes allergic to a lot of!?

So hopefully you're giving him a gluten-free spaghetti if he can't have gluten or wheat? OK, so you could have been more clear in your original post - when you say "spaghetti" most people think of... Read More »