What are some signs your baby is getting ready for delivery?

Answer Answer Sometimes you get a nesting instinct and have to clean your house from top to bottom. You may crave carbohydrate, go with this because they don't call it labor for nothing.The Braxton-Hicks... Read More »

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What are the most frequent signs of early pregnancy and how can you tell if you are just getting ready to start your period or if you're actually in your first week of pregnancy?

Answer most frequent signs of pregnancy are breasts sore or swollen, feeling nauseas, passing urine often, and if you are late for your period. it would be hard to know in the first week of pregnan... Read More »

Will the baby getting into position for delivery cause pain?

Answer Yes and No.It depends on your body shape and type and how big the baby is.With my first pregnancy i had no pains at all not even when my water broke,i went into labor at 7am and my daughter... Read More »

Could you be having early signs of pregnancy if you're 6 days away from your period and are getting very light cramps on the left side and some back pinches and pinch-like feelings in your breasts?

Answer It could be pregnancy but these are also symptoms of pre-menstrual tension PMT in UK and PMS in the USA

Beautiful spring day outside...I'm getting my axe ready to do some work...?

You should not need to use any lubricant on the head. You are going after good wood. Lubricant is only needed on older wood. Never put excessive lub on the handle or you will lose the grip on it... Read More »