What are some signs that one of your co-workers is going through menopause?

Answer C'mon... I mean SERIOUSLY!!! This is a JOKE question!!!!! J-O-K-E!!! Geeeeeez :LAnyway, with that out of the way, lets move onto something more important. Like answering your question. He/she might... Read More »

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What are some of the 1st signs that your computer has seen better days?

What are some signs of being pregnant?

Answer Feeling Nauseouscramps that feel like premenstal crampsa bloated feelingfeeling emotional (if you are pregnant you are going through hormonal changes which may effect your emotions)

What are some signs of being pregnant if you are on Depo?

Answer If you are on the Depo shot then when it is time to go back and get your shot they will tell you and you won't be able to get your shot.

Some signs that know your heart is/isn't healthy?

The best way to know if your heart is "healthy" is to allow a medical professional to run a series of tests. They'll do a physical examination, internal imaging, and an electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG)... Read More »