What are Some Hobbies that Teens are Interested In?

Answer Any parent of teenage children knows that boredom is a constant enemy. If you are worried that your teen will channel his boredom into partying, drugs or just living in front of an electronic scree... Read More »

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How you know that this girl is interested in you?

It is hard to tell. Just tell that special someone about your feelings and they will let you know.

How can you hide bad breath from a girl that you are interested in?

AnswerIf the problem is chronic, you might just need a dental cleaning, and a dental checkup to see if you have gum problems, or excessive tartar.If it's a one time problem, you might just take car... Read More »

What are the signs that a girl wants to have sex with you?

She tells you yes or no. There are no "signs". You discuss it. And it's best to wait until you are an adult.

What are some changes that you would make to street signs and why?

i would require cities to cut down bushes & trees blocking them!!!