What Are Some Early Warning Signs That a Volcano Is Going to Erupt?

Answer Scientists observe a volcano's behavior to try to determine when it will erupt. The importance of studying warning signs can help prevent potential human loss. By examining clues, scientists can de... Read More »

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What are some signs that one of your co-workers is going through menopause?

C'mon... I mean SERIOUSLY!!! This is a JOKE question!!!!! J-O-K-E!!! Geeeeeez :LAnyway, with that out of the way, lets move onto something more important. Like answering your question. He/she might... Read More »

Am i going deaf in one ear..?

Don't Freak Out! (:Its Probably A Quiet Room?Even I Go Through That Daily!(;Don't Pay Attention To It! YOU'LL be Aboulutely Fine;D

Am I going deaf in one ear?

Chances are its just sinus pressure. Can't do to much about it but I usually take some sinus relief pills, other then you just have to let it run its coarse.

Can I be going deaf in my right ear?

In short yes you could however by what you discribe , I am inclined to believe that you have a couple things that you could have wrong , this is not to say that every thing I am telling you is wron... Read More »