What Are the Signs & Symptoms of E. Coli Food Poisoning?

Answer Escheria coli, or E. coli, is a bacteria that causes a form of food poisoning. Most forms of E. coli don't cause any symptoms, but one strain, called 0157:07, can cause people to become severely il... Read More »

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What is the scientific name for the bacteria found in some turkey that causes food poisoning?

Two types of bacteria, Salmonella Typhimurium and Clostridium Perfringens, may be present in poorly handled or incorrectly prepared turkey. They can cause food poisoning if turkey tainted with eith... Read More »

I ate some chili that had mold on the top portion,can i get food poisoning?

Did you cook it first. Like over 160 degrees????? That process may solve your issue. If you did not cook it it is possible you could get some side affects.

What should I do for food poisoning?

You have to stay hydrated. Get some electrolytes and get them in you.You also need to let your intestines rest a bit and start to heal. If you feel hungry try a bit of yogurt, a cup of black tea an... Read More »

What can give you food poisoning?