What are some side effects of replacing a person’s vitamins with Reese's Pieces?

Answer With any luck they have severe diabetes.

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What are some of the possible side-effects that can occur when a persons prescription of Lasix is doubled?

If the Lasix was doubled, it was probably apparent to the doctor that it was needed either by increased blood pressure, increased weight gain or swollen ankles, etc. He knows your health history a... Read More »

M&M's, Skittles, or Reeses Pieces?

Why doesn't the FDA approve some herbal remedies but approves pharmaceuticals with known side effects?

I guess they have vowed not to approve anything which can possibly cure you, just the things which can make you dependent upon more chemicals so all you are good for is to keep on taking those dras... Read More »

What are some side effects of chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy has saved the lives of countless cancer patients. It has many unpleasant side effects, but learning about them ahead of time can prepare patients to take care of themselves while under... Read More »