I deleted all my songs on my PC by accident, if I connect my Ipod 60gb will all songs on that be erased?

Answer As long as you don't sync it. You can copy the songs from your ipod back to you computer. They won't be in mp3 format, but a file only recognized by your ipod. This would be a good thing to do, ... Read More »

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What are some Trendy new songs like the ones from 90210, Gossip Girl and Popular songs to add to my ipod?

I like your taste.Try artists like Rihanna (I Love the song 'Live Your Life')Colbie Caillat (Her song Magic was featured on Gossip Girl) A Rocket To The MoonChristina Aguleria (New Album)Britney Sp... Read More »

How do you transfer your old songs off your ipod to new your itunes library after buying a new laptop because some of the songs say they aren't aurthorised?

Use the latest version of iTunes and go to the Store menu. Then either Sign In if you aren't already. If you are signed in, hit "Authorise computer" and re-enter your password. Then try transferrin... Read More »

Does Anyone Know The Songs For 92.5 Joe FM & The Songs & Words For 103.9 Cisn Country For Sept 9, 2008?

> Trivia(Cisn)> > > Before They Were Famous - A> Country Music Trivia - B> Every Day Items - A> Sleuth Trivia - Respect> Sports Trivia - B> This Day in Canadian History - B> You Can Quote Me Canada... Read More »

Does Anyone Know The Songs From 92.5 Joe FM & The Songs & Words From 103.9 Cisn Country For Tues. Nov.18,2008?

CISN7 Cowgirls Don't Cry7:15 booksBBFF Streets of Bakersfield9 What Kinda GoneWW library10:15 magazine12 Brooks & Dunn2 Callin' Baton Rouge2:15 computers4:15 movies5 I'm From The CountryCCMW Love S... Read More »