What are some secrets to filming with a video cammera?

Answer There are some useful hints at the link. In addition to not zooming in and out, don't pan from side to side - it's another good way to make your viewers sick!Remember Sturgeon's Law - "90% of ever... Read More »

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A Video Camera For Filming?

Nikon D1500 it has 16.4 megapixels and with a good lens is about $1,500

I need video filming tips?

make shure you have lyrics for each person

What's the best video camera to use when filming a porno ?

I just use the camera on my phoneNothing wrong with that amateur production

If I am filming a video for a straight hour, how many mb will that be?

It depends.If you need this to understand what you can store on the memory card, the read the camera or camcorder manual. If you use lots of compression because low quality video is selected in the... Read More »