How to Avoid Scary Faces from Scary Pop Ups?

Answer Have you seen a scary pop up video on the internet that looks really scary and shows a creepy face if so then it's considered frightening and this will tell you step by step on how to avoid scary f... Read More »

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Myths of Homeschooling?

As homeschooling becomes an increasingly popular option for many families, myths concerning homeschooling are in constant circulation. It is important that these myths be addressed in order to give... Read More »

Sex and sexual myths -- what did you believe?

My thoughts (T/F):1. F2. F, everyone is different.3. T, on average4. T5. F, not necessarily6. F, both can be7. T8. F, i know some that do9. F, most through masturbation (i've heard)10. F, ... Read More »

What are the top 10 adoption myths?

10. That only bitter, angry adoptees want to search (many are bitter and angry because their records are sealed, not because they don't love their adoptive parents.)9. That finding out the truth is... Read More »

Leg Shaving Myths?

When it comes to shaving your legs, there are ways to make sure you get the cleanest, silkiest shave every time. It seems like there wouldn't be room for error--after all, how many different ways c... Read More »