What are some really good scary m?

Answer Jennifer's BodyFriday the 13th (1980)Wishmaster (1997)The Blob (1988)The Thing (1982)Alien (1979)Sorority Row (2009)PhantasmEvent Horizon (1997)Mimic (1997)The Relic (1997)The Faculty (1998)Hostel ... Read More »

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What is some intense, scary, instrumental music?

let's seeFinal Act by a hound into Baskervill http:/... Read More »

One day about a 2 or 3 years ago you and your friends were watching a great tv show on scifi and it had many great stories some scary and some cool and at the end it said if they were true what was it?

In the final episode of "Quantum Leap", Sam leaped into himself at a cafe on the exact day of his birth. He was told he could control the leaps and could return home at any time or continue to help... Read More »

What Are Some Scary Pranks to Pull With Vampire Fangs?

Vampires are fantastical creatures that remain a staple of human interest and fantasy. Give friends and family members a good scare on Halloween by playing vampire fang-related pranks. As these ide... Read More »

What would be some examples of a scary warning that could pop up on a computer screen?

I sent you a Flickr mail message and it says that there are 6 error screens in my latest upload, hop it helps!actually I do not know if hopping will help here is another, a Trojan virus screen that... Read More »