What are some safe and natural appetite suppressants?

Answer The best natural appetite suppressants can be some of the foods and beverages you include in your diet. Most of these suppressants are low in calories and are helpful in fighting disease and supple... Read More »

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Any good appetite suppressants you've tried?

Drinking a lot of water truly helps! I have lost about ten pounds without changing anything but my water intake. I drink between 6 and 8 camelbaks (about .75 liters) of water per day and I find tha... Read More »

What Are the Best Over-the-Counter Diet Pills/Appetite Suppressants?

Weight loss can be difficult, even for those with the strongest of will powers. With the number of dietary supplements and diet pills on the market that claim to be effective in the battle against ... Read More »

When are people who use appetite suppressants tested for valvular heart disease?

People with a history of using appetite suppressants may be sent for EKGs or further testing if any of the symptoms of valvular heart disease, such as swelling, considerable fatigue, or shortness o... Read More »

Types of Cough Suppressants?

Cough suppressants are drugs that help stop excessive or chronic coughing. Prescription cough suppressants are only for specific types of cough. Furthermore, the types of cough suppressants that wi... Read More »