What are some risks teens face?

Answer Unexpected pregnancey,drugs,brokenhearts,PURE PRESSURE,suicide, and much more. You may want to visit It has a place for adults,children, and teens to search through.

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What Kind of Risks Do Mortgage Lenders Face?

While borrowers of home loans face a number of risks--the foremost of which is being foreclosed upon due to underpayment--the lender also assumes a number of risks as well. These risks relate not j... Read More »

What are some risks taking methadone while you are pregnant?

What are some possible risks I would take by buiding my own computer?

Read all that you can before attempting any connections. Use rubber gloves and ground yourself to the computer using a grounding bracelet, that will keep you at the same potential so there is no st... Read More »

What are some of the risks of not wiping your butt after pooping?

Stink nuggets on your undies, um also making you very attractive to the neighbourhood dogs, they LOVE to sniff butts to see where you have been, your unwiped Butt would tell them lots I'd bet.