Arizona Criminal Laws?

Answer Criminal law in the United States can be broken down into two types, misdemeanor and felony. Misdemeanors are less serious crimes with lighter penalties, while felonies are more serious and come wi... Read More »

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Arizona Car Dealerships Laws?

Arizona has a range of laws governing businesses and commercial enterprises, including car dealerships. This state's laws have specific requirements for all dealerships and people employed as car d... Read More »

Arizona Child Laws?

States protect children through enforcing laws designed to punish people who endanger children through abuse, neglect or abandonment. Some of Arizona's strictest laws involve the rights of children.

Exotic Pet Laws in Arizona?

Exotic pets seem like a great idea if you are a person with a lot of unique interests or a unique personality. Sure, anyone can have a hamster, but the kiddie pool in your back yard is teeming wit... Read More »

Arizona Homeschooling Laws?

Arizona is one of thirteen states with low homeschooling regulation. That means you are only required to notify officials that you will homeschool your child. No submission to state testing, evalua... Read More »