What are some restaurants that are open around dinner time on Easter Sunday?

Answer In Ireland there are a few but you d never get here by dinner time. :) Eat a big chocolate egg and you wont feel like dinner. :)

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Is Home Depot open on Easter Sunday?

According to The Home Depot website, all stores are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Store closings on other holidays vary by store. Customers must call their local store for hours on other ho... Read More »

Restaurants in North Dallas Open on Sunday?

North Dallas is the collection of neighborhoods that are situated north of downtown Dallas. One of the most culturally diverse sections of the city, North Dallas is home to myriad restaurants that ... Read More »

Am I the only person who considers wearing a hat at dinner table rude I see it all the time at restaurants.?

I think it is very rude. I think it is rude not to take your hat off when dining whether at a restaurant, or in your home. In the military, you are required to remove your hat, beret, etc..upon e... Read More »

What time do Costco gas stations open on Sunday?

Costco gas stations open a few hours before the shopping center. Costco gas stations open up in the morning at 6 A.M. and closes in the evening at 7 P.M. on Sundays.References:Costco Locations | Co... Read More »